Michael Betteridge – General Manager
Bob Steele – Program Director
Mike Ridenhour – Account Manager/DJ  (Bigg Mike)
Chris Leon – Account Manager/DJ (Cruizin’ Chris)
Chad Merrill – Meteorologist/DJ
John Kovach- Account Manager/DJ (JohnnyB)
Tim Groft – DJ/IT services
William Warren – Director of IT Services
Susan Kay Mason – Sales
Hollis Zimmerman – Account Manager/Sports Production/DJ  (Hollis Z)

Program Hosts

Tim & Dom on Sunday

Bigg Mike

Chris Leon

Originally from New York. Cruizin’ Chris’ love of oldies music started with his Dad, who always played 45’s and 33’s on his record player. Radio was always a love, as he used to pretend to be a DJ using his Dad’s record player. Chris is happy to be sharing his love for oldies music in the community he lives in and loves. When not playing music on the radio, Chris is an avid sports fan (Mets, Jets, Nets, and Islanders) he also enjoys taking care of his pet frogs, and spending time with his wife, and two beautiful daughters.


Hollis Zimmerman

Hollis Z will astonish you with his depth of knowledge of music from the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s on Cool Oldies 1450, especially considering his young age. His friends and family call him “The Encyclopedia of Music” because He can name a song, the artist, record label, year of release, and other amazing trivia instantanly and will entertain you with his fun, and upbeat personality. His love for oldies music began at the tender age of eight years old when he enjoyed the music his mother played around the house, car and the radio. The special relationship that he has with the older generation, both family and friends was also an encouragement. He is actively involved and loves giving back to his local community at the New Market Grange, Days End Farm Horse Rescue, Future Farmers of America and his Church. He also has a huge collection of vinyl records and 45s. Hollis is currently attending Montgomery College in Rockville where he is studying radio broadcasting. He began his radio career as an intern at WTHU in November 2016.

Gene Reid – Muscles of Soul

I was born and raised in the Pittsbugh PA area .  I was a radio DXer and my favorite hobby was picking up the signals of the large 50,000 clear channel stations at night.  During the 50’s and 60’s Pittsburgh was a fertile breeding ground for oldies and doo wop music. I developed a passion for this music and lived with it, ate with it, and slept with it.  As an adult, I decided I wanted to MC my own radio show.  After receiving my Master of Public Administration (MPA) from American University in 2003, I landed my first broadcasting job at WPFW in Washington DC.  I am currently on the radio every Saturday at 1pm on COOL Oldies 1450.

Johnny Kovach

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Johnny B has come “full circle” in his love for music and radio from growing up in Bethesda, Maryland, to now being part of the WTHU Team. As a young teen in the early 70’s, Johnny would often “hang out” at the WHFS radio station located in Bethesda. There, he would watch, listen, and got to know such legendary DJ’s as  Cerphe (pronounced Surf) and Damian. Bethesda was a “hot bed” of music at that time and it wasn’t unusual to see “not yet famous” musicians such as Linda Ronstadt, Bruce Springsteen or Livingston Taylor, relaxing around the studio after an interview. This experience helped nurture a love of music that has only grown over the years. Johnny is excited to now be able to share his passion for music with the Thurmont community and beyond on WTHU. Besides music, he is an avid supporter of Arizona State University football and basketball. Johnny lives near Thurmont with his wife, Renay, 2 cats and a dog.

Pastor James Coblentz – Pioneer Baptist Church
Gary Cox – Family by Design
Joel Fischer – Family by Design
Donna Betteridge – In Memory Of
Michael Betteridge – High school sports announcer
Tom Geppi – High school sports announcer
Dave Stieren – High school sports announcer
Rick Little – High school sports announcer
Michael Rajnik – High school sports announcer