April 14, 2022

The Frederick County Board of Education held their regularly scheduled meeting which was open to public comment, but unlike past meetings this one was standing room only.

The meeting was filled with tension, animosity and emotion which spilled over from the last meeting of the family life committee where discussions of a new state imposed curriculum to teach sexual orientation and gender identity to children as young as Kindergarten was introduced. The meeting devolved into shouting and choas towards the end when 9 members of Antifa entered the room and began taking pictures of parents that attended in an effort to intimidate them. Earlier that day, threats were made that Antifa would attend and “stop the bigots”. Antifa refused to leave and stood their ground without any response at the back of the room, defiantly glaring straight ahead. Ironically, unlike an earlier incident where a man with a Bible was asked to leave. There was no such request of the 9 Antifa members by Board President Brad Young. They were merely asked to sit down.

The state mandate is guidance only, because it can be adapted to the individual communities. Many of the parents were angry because even though the board keeps repeating that this is just the beginning of a 6 to 8 month process of developing the curriculum.  The Board has already given the state guidance its seal of approval with a vote at their last meeting.  The Board reiterated over and over that parents will be involved in the process, but according to many parents, we spoke to, they don’t trust the board because they have shown in the past they aren’t open to parent input by scheduling meetings during regular working hours when parents cannot attend, approving measures in advance and then claiming they will seek input, and hiding facts about the true motivations of their actions. Parents who spoke emphasized that this is not an attack on the LGBTQ community, but merely concerned parents who believe that the schools need to support them as they discuss these issues in their own homes, and not in the classroom, especially when very young children are involved.