FCPS Books that may be Inappropriate

October 14, 2022

A concerned parent alerted the Frederick County board of education on Tuesday at their general meeting alleging that Frederick County public school libraries contain obscene and blatantly pornographic books, pictures and material available to any and all middle school and high school students.

She read excerpts from the books during the public comment portion of the meeting to the audience to the gasps and disbelief of everyone in the room that heard the offensive content. only one member of the board of education Jason Johnson sent a letter to the new superintendent the following day demanding that all lewd content be removed immediately. Superintendent Dyson did not respond but rather had her chief of staff DR. Sirgo notify the parent and Mr. Johnson that on this topic they were “prepared to present to the full board by the end of the calendar year”.

Additionally, she provided each member of the Board a list of the books, their ratings and content summaries and the schools that carried these books in their libraries. A copy of that list was provided to WTHU and is available on our local news page for listener review. We reviewed the recording of the parent’s testimony to the BOE but were not able to share the recording because of the sensitive sexual and rude nature of the content.