2/26/24 It’s leap year week on Fensty In The Afternoon and we’re celebrating because we only get to once every four years. We’re continuing to become the best versions of ourselves by listening to the greatest music ever created and going deeper to play songs you don’t hear as often on the radio. Take the leap of faith and try new things. Do something that you haven’t in a long time and we’ll keep each other inspired and motivated along the way to win the day because the WTHU Radio family sticks together and wins together. We’re talkin’ music, sports and more on the show that never bores Fensty In The Afternoon from 3-6pm ET on WTHU.

2/19/24  It may be a shorter work week for most with President’s Day on Monday, but Fensty In The Afternoon takes no lunch breaks and Justin ‘Fensty’ Fensterman is rocking the airwaves with all of you. After our Beatles tribute a few weeks ago, Fensty got bit by the Beatle bug and now you will hear Beatles tracks from time to time throughout the week. Fensty is giving advice and playing encouraging tracks to get you ready for spring.   Still hanging onto your New Years resolutions? We have to hold strong as Fensty has a mission to change his way of living and that change is healthier and we have to fight through all of life’s challenges to make sure we win. Winning the day is the constant goal and staying focused and happy is the other and the perfect blend that serves as a blueprint to success is by listening to the greatest music ever created from the 1950s, 60s and 70s. Fensty In The Afternoon rocks the Catoctin’s with all of YOU all week long from 3-6p ET. Fensty will be focusing on some of the greatest life hacks on our Cool Oldies 1450 facebook page. Do you know how to get rid of a brain freeze instantly? Fensty has that info for you among other life hacks on Cool Oldies 1450 WTHU.

2/5/24   ‘Fensty’ Fensterman will be turning 37 and wants to celebrate with all of YOU. Get ready to hear some dance and party music throughout the week on Fensty In The Afternoon from 3-6p. If there’s anything Fensty wants for his birthday this year, it’s getting to entertain everyone and put them in a good mood to win the night. We’ll also be getting ready for the Super Bowl as well between the Kansas City Chiefs and the San Francisco 49ers. A good mix of partying, sports and good energy coming your way from your best friend in a traffic jam, Fensty In The Afternoon on WTHU.

1/29/24  Have you seen and felt this weather recently?! It’s been horribly inconsistent and with us experiencing every season over the last few weeks, the Four Seasons are invading the soundwaves on Fensty In The Afternoon this week and we’ll give tips on how to not get sick and stay healthy throughout these wild weather changes so we can continue winning every day. We’ll have the Fensty Facebook Question of the week posted on the Cool Oldies 1450 Facebook page for you to comment on regarding things YOU do to make sure you don’t get sick. Having regular romantic evenings with your significant other counts as a remedy! We’re staying in shape, at 100 percent and spinning the greatest music ever created on Fensty In The Afternoon from 3-6pm on the greatest oldies station in the NATION, Cool Oldies 1450 WTHU.